Passage from HackTheBox is medium, fun but straightforward machine, it starts with two open ports SSH on 22 and HTTP on 80, we find CuteNews (which is a free, powerful and easy-to-use news management system based on flat files as a storage with quick installation, search function)

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Welcome to Rekkodo OffSec blog!. If you checked out the “About Me.” page then you know my name is Walid Benchaa. and this is my personal blog where I will be posting about Offensive Security topics such as penetration testing, CTF solutions, tools usage and some programming. I am hoping to give back to the community as I make the journey to become OSCP and better Penetration Tester in general.

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Walid Benchaa

A technologist passionate about Offensive Security, penetration testing, Networking and I love to spend time outdoor with family and friends

Network Administrator